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Microsoft SharePoint
i3 Model

Training programs for colleges/individuals:

Triad Infotech apart from its work in IT Solutions and HR Consulting, also has a Specialized Training wing which is currently offering various industry relevant training programs to colleges and individuals. The type of training that we offer to colleges fall under the i3Model of training.

Specialized Training @ Triad Infotech:

Triad Infotech offers the following training programs (for Information Technology and Management Professionals):
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • SAP
  • Software Testing
  • Microsoft .NET (Visual Studio .NET IDE, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Administration, Development
These topics have been picked up for training after as they are the most contemporary ones for which trained professionals are in great demand.

We offer the above programs to both colleges (at their premises) as well as individuals (at our training facility in Ashok Nagar - Near Ashok Pillar)

Apart from the above courses, we offer two other programs that have been designed to develop non technical skills that are most essential to succeed in the corporate world.
  • "Stride to Success!"
  • "Win your Placement!"
Read more about all the above in their respective pages...

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