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Microsoft SharePoint
i3 Model

Module 1:SharePoint Overview and Development Overview
  • SharePoint History
  • SharePoint Features Overview
  • SharePoint 2007 Editions
  • Solutions that can be designed using SharePoint
  • OOB Features
  • Why Customize?
  • Areas where SharePoint requires Customization
  • Introduction to Visual Studio 2008 SharePoint Project Templates
  • Introduce SharePoint Object Model and SharePoint Web Services
  • Introduce Web Parts
  • Introduce Event Receivers
  • Introduce Features and Solutions
  • Introduce Custom ASPX Pages
  • Introduce Workflows using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio
  • Introduce Custom Fields Creation
  • Introduce Areas where Javascript based Customized can be done
  • Introduce SharePoint Designer
Module 2: SharePoint Object Model
  • Ways to programmatically access SharePoint
  • SharePoint Object Model vs SharePoint Web Services
  • Creating your first Console Application using SharePoint’s Object Model
  • Accessing a List Programmatically and Managing Items
  • Accessing a Document Library Programmatically and Managing Items
  • Moving Document from One site to another using the Object Model
Module 3: Web Parts
  • In-built Web Parts
  • Creating and Deploying your first web part outside Visual Studio
  • Creating and Deploying from Visual Studio
  • Rendering Controls inside the Web Part
  • Using an ASCX inside a Web Part
  • Accessing external database and displaying records in a Web Part
Module 4: Event Receivers
  • Purpose of Event Receivers
  • Item event Receiver
  • List event Receiver
  • Performing actions while Item is being added, updated or deleted
  • Performing List level actions based on various events
Module 5: Features and Solutions
  • SharePoint and Features
  • Site Collection Features vs Site Features
  • Feature Installation, Activation and Deactivation
  • Developing a Site Collection Feature
  • Developing a Site Feature
  • Feature.xml and Elements.xml
  • Packaging multiple features into Solutions
  • Deploying Solutions
  • Using tools like WSP Builder
Module 6: Custom ASPX Pages
  • The Layouts folder
  • Creating and Deploying Custom ASPX Pages that run inside SharePoint environment
  • When to use Custom ASPX Page and when to use a Web Part
Module 7: Custom Fields
  • When to create Custom Fields inheriting from SPField Class
  • Creating your first custom Field
  • Creating a Custom Field that does a Cross Site Lookup
  • Deploying the Custom Field
Module 8: JavaScript and SharePoint
  • Uses of Javascript based Scripting inside SharePoint Pages
  • Custom Alerts and Messages using Javascript
  • Performing certain validations using Javascript
Module 9: Custom Workflows
  • Inbuilt Workflows vs Custom Workflows
  • Custom Workflows using SharePoint Designer
  • Custom Workflows using Visual Studio
  • Sequential Workflow
  • Statechart Workflow
  • Simulating a real business process in a Visual Studio Workflow
Module 10: SharePoint Designer
  • SharePoint Designer Features
  • Customizing the Look and Feel of SharePoint Sites using Designer
  • Customizing Master Pages
  • Customizing Sub Pages
  • Creating other SharePoint Page components using SharePoint Designer

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