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Microsoft SharePoint
i3 Model

 Training Title

SharePoint 2013 Integrated Program

(Administration and Development)


46 hours

Training Deliverables

Soft copy course materials and a training completion certificate


Weekdays or Weekends


+91 99625 78083

Curriculum for Administration

SharePoint 2013 Administration

           Getting Started with SharePoint 2013

           Installing SharePoint 2013

           Topology and Farm Configuration

           Configuring Security and User Configuration

           Creating and Configuring Web Applications

           Managing Site Collections and Tenancies

           Business Connectivity Services

           The Managed Metadata Service

           Configuring the User Profile Service

           Configuring Search in SharePoint Server 2013

           Health Monitoring and Optimization

           Deploying and Monitoring Custom Solutions

           Planning for Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery

           Upgrading Content from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013

Curriculum for Features and Development

SharePoint 2013 Features and Development

·         Understanding SharePoint 2013

         Developing SharePoint Solutions

         Developing SharePoint App Models

         Pages & Navigation

         SharePoint Security

         Lists, Libraries and Events

         Server-Side SharePoint Development

         Client-Side SharePoint Development

         Developing Workflows

         Business Connectivity Services

         SharePoint Search

         Enterprise Content Management

         Cloud App Model

         Familiar programming model using web standards

         Development tools

         Core platform enhancements


         Social and collaboration



         Enterprise Content Management

         Business Connectivity Services


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