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Microsoft SharePoint
i3 Model

Training Title

SharePoint 2010 Features and Development


35 hours


Weekends or Weekdays

Training Deliverables

Soft copy course materials and a training completion certificate


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SharePoint 2010 Features and Developmentt

·         SharePoint Introduction

·         SharePoint Editions and Versions, History

·         SharePoint for Businesses

·         Various Facets

·         Installation Considerations, Pre-requisites, HW and SW requirements

·         Carrying out the Installation (stand-alone for the training purpose)

·         Central Administration Options

·         Understanding Services and Service Applications

·         Key Service Applications

·         Creating First Web Application, Site Collection and Sites for a company’s sample intranet

·         Exploring Content Editing Options, Site templates, List and Library templates

·         What are Features, Activating and De-Activating Them

·         STSAdm and Windows PowerShell

·         Enterprise Content Management

·         Document Management

·         Document Library Options

·         Versioning, Check-In, Check-Out

·         Content Organizer Feature and Configuring

·         Document ID Feature

·         Content Types

·         Creating Custom Content Types

·         Document Sets and Folders

·         Configuring Document Sets and Welcome Page Options

·         Configuring Information Management Policies

·         Creating External Content Types (BCS)

·         Creating Site Templates and List Templates

·         Exploring Publishing Site Template and Options

·         Enterprise Metadata Management (Keywords and Tagging)

·         Starting SharePoint 2010 Development

·         Understanding SharePoint 2010 Server Object Model

·         Creating Sample Applications to iterate SharePoint Objects programmatically

·         Creating your First WebPart

·         Difference b/w Normal WebPart and Visual WebPart

·         AJAX Enabling a WebPart

·         Features

·         Manipulating Ribbon Menus using Features

·         Event Receivers and their purposes

·         List Item Event Receivers

·         List Event Receivers

·         InfoPath Forms and Workflows

·         Creating InfoPath Forms using Form Library and custom Workflow using SharePoint Designer 2010

·         Understanding CAML and SPQuery

·         Using U2U CAML Editor and Creating CAML Queries

·         Creating Application Pages (deploying in Layouts folder)

·         Creating a Custom Application for transferring documents using Site Pages, Application Pages, Features and WebParts

·         LINQ to SharePoint

·         Understanding Client Object Model

·         Using Client Object Model from SilverLight

·         Using Client Object Model from Javascript


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