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i3 Model

Triad Infotech has 2 important partners: the institutions, and the industry.

Our constant interface with the industry brings us in touch with experienced corporate members, who also possess the unique blend of business experience and teaching flair. Such corporate members, we believe, are the right people to transfer knowledge.

Educational institutions and their students are the partners who absorb this knowledge. We believe that the intellect we possess can be transferred from the industry to the institutions.

Our I-3 Model: "Intellect" from the "Industry" to the "Institutions". Triad Infotech Pvt. Ltd.: Specialized Training

Specialized Training @ Triad Infotech:

We are primarily an IT solutions and HR consulting company. As an IT firm ourselves, we believe that the specialized training courses that we offer are in concurrence with the prevalent trends in the IT sector. Our courses are in the following subjects: MS Dot NET, Software Testing and ERP/SAP. The courses at Triad Infotech Pvt. Ltd are conducted with two major partners in mind - the institutions and the industry.

With its intellectual capital and experience in the realm of Information Technology, Triad Infotech envisages the creation of competent IT professionals for the current market trends. At Triad, we firmly believe that the subject knowledge alone is not sufficient. Even in technical topics such as the aforementioned, practical examples and case studies will be appropriately interlaced with class sessions. Experienced and effective faculty would therefore handle the courses. The faculty members would not only transfer topical knowledge, but also present case studies and examples for better understanding.

Apart from extensive course material, we also understand the importance of visual media and so, our sessions are conducted using PowerPoint presentations and success stories/case studies shall be shown in videos. We wish to leave no stone unturned in presenting the topics effectively to the participants.

The sessions would be made interactive, through the participatory methodology that we implement. Our duty is to make you feel the experience by taking these courses.

It is not just learning. It is the learning experience at Triad which will make you a professional. So what are you waiting for?

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