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About Us
Value Added Services
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our Databank
  • Thousands of profiles
  • Volume keeps increasing by few hundreds day by day
  • Profiles in junior positions, middle as well as senior positions
  • Profiles categorized by Location, Skillset, Experience
  • Automated updation done once in 4 months
  • CVs sourced through ads in print media, websites, word of mouth and through registered candidates

Our HR Team
  • Our HR team comprises of dynamic professionals who have extensive experience in IT recruitment. Plus being an IT Solutions company ourselves, our HR team draws support in identifying the best of profiles.
  • Our professionals are constantly updated with knowledge in contemporary HR practices which help us to have a sustained growth in quality and efficiency of our services.

Screening Process
  • Our screening for the profiles is done based on the following criteria.
    • Location
    • Skill Set
    • Work Experience
      • Total no. of years, months
      • Roles donned and Responsibilities handled
      • Companies worked in
      • Functional areas exposed to
  • Academic Qualification
  • Technical Qualification (Certifications, Training Programs undergone etc.)
  • Soft Skills
  • Indicative compensation
  • This is also the order in which we do the filtering process. However, if a client indicates some specific areas only to be looked at, we shall do so accordingly.
  • This list of criteria has been carefully chosen so as to narrow down to CVs that very precisely fit the bill.
  • To make our process more efficient, initial filtering process is done by a specially developed software package.
However, after the automated filtering, our HR team does the microscopic test

Placement Procedures
  • As soon as a requirement is received, the screening process as stated above is completed first
  • Before sending CVs of shortlisted candidates to the client, we ensure their willingness, readiness and availability for the current requirement.
  • After this, the CVs are sent to the client for approval.
  • On approval, interview slots are fixed and the candidates sent.
Upon completion of the selection procedures, the client / candidate communicate the status to us

Follow Up Process
  • Feedback from clients is obtained at various stages to customize our offering
  • Candidates placed on contract are reviewed and appraised at frequent intervals to help monitor their progress with the client.

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